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Dr. Ming Pang



The story of Zhineng Qigong began in the early 1980s with Dr. Ming Pang. He created this new form of Qigong by blending the essence of various styles of qigong including meditation, medical qigong, martial arts, and folk qigong. Trained as a medical doctor, he was acquainted with both Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as Western Medicine and science.  The movements and methods of Zhineng Qigong are designed with deep knowledge of anatomy and TCM as well as Western medicine. The mind of Dr Pang is deeply scientific, and he encourages empirical investigation to document the results of this beautiful practice. Zhineng QIgong is also deeply influenced by Eastern Philosophy (Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism). Dr. Pang developed this branch of qigong to provide the quickest route to good health and enhanced energy.

            All living organisms follow the movement of the breath: they expand and contract.

         This movement is a dissolution into the formless, and a return to form. It is a continuous

           exchange of energy with the universe. The universe is an open system; it is a

            continuous blending and merging and returning to form.  Zhineng Qigong follows

                           this natural movement like a dance: it is an open style of practice. 

     This means that—much like the breath-- one opens one’s being to the external world and

exchanges energy (qi) with it.  This natural movement, this beautiful dance re-generates,

re-forms, and energizes both the mind and the body.

Because Zhineng Qi Gong is an ‘open style’ practice it is flexible in its application and

can be used in many ways.

           To strengthen the body and its functions                                       To develop mental faculties                                                   To heal oneself and others                                                         To cultivate paranormal abilities

                 To pursue the mind and spirit                                         To help achieve good performance in sports

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