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Regina discovered Zhineng Qi Gong through an online video of Wei Qifeng laoshi in the early part of 2016. She was so captivated by it that she went on a quest to study Zhineng QI Gong in depth.

She first studied with Mingtong Gu  in the United States for a period of three years.

She then studied under teacher Zhu Conghua who presently teaches in the Huaxia center in China.

Under the guidance of teacher Zhu she certified as a Qi Gong teacher and healer.  


In 2019 she met Wei Qifeng laoshi in person during a workshop on super abilities in Mexico City.

She went on to study under Teacher Wei and certify as a Mingjue teacher, and healer. She was named  organizer by Wei Qi Feng Laoshi. 

Regina is currently studying and collaborating with Wei laoshi as he seeks to spread the awareness of Mingjue through the

World Consciousness Community, and plans to continue teaching Zhineng Qi Gong as a vehicle for

wellness and self-healing.

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