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You are invited on this voyage of discovery. By going within we will awaken our pure consciousness and

allow it to be the master of our lives.  Zhineng qi gong is designed to restore harmony to our lives and our

universe. Through diligent practice, our pure consciousness will guide our body and our energy (qi) to

re-generate, re-form, restore, and transform.

In so doing we will re-establish the harmony within our bodies as well as

in the world around us: by healing ourselves we heal the world.

Dao in Motion

   HARMONY                                                                                           HAPPINESS

DIGNITY                                                                                       NATURAL STATE

Silhouettes of four people doing Zhineng Qigong in the sunsent


The goal of the practice of Zhineng Qigong is transformation. Through meditation and movement practitioners actively use consciousness to mobilize energy (qi) to transform the body, qi, and the mind as well as the world around them. Through diligent practice, we seek to restore the natural and original harmony and balance inherent in our bodies and in the universe. Through practice we achieve transformation; in healing ourselves we heal the world.

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